LED walls rentals

LED screens are designed for large-scale projection in virtually any lighting conditions.This solution is perfect for viewing the events, where large, clear picture is crucial.

Walls is the only LED technology, which wins with the sun. They are a collection of densely "packed" homogeneous LEDs emitting a full range of colors. LEDs are placed in the modules, which can create any configuration, including a 4:3 aspect ratio screens, number and size is selected depending on the event.

Used for concerts, stadiums, fairs,
advertising billboards, airports and many other public places. They can be used indoors and outdoors in bright sunlight, they are resistant to rain. Measurement of the specific query.


Good to know

These are first-class equipment, utilizing the latest technology of video transmission, used to transfer information to a wide audience. This is so far the only technology that allows the emission image with high quality and excellent visibility.


Latest Projects


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