At customers' request we find hostesses, translators, models, photomodels, bartenders and other personnel for work at fairs, promotions, photo sessions with adequate qualifications, according to your preferences.You will be able to find most candidates on our website after registration. Along with their photos you will have access to more detailed information such as their height, education, knowledge of foreign languages and interests.


As the only one hostess agency in the country you have  the option of video presentation of our staff. Through it we can present our customers: tone of voice, the quality of foreign language skills and accent, which is extremely important when it comes to choosing an interpreter, facial expressions, body and face. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with video presentations of our staff, we hope to make it easier for you to choose.


Hostesses- interpreters Poznań

Girls having certificates from different languages. Society of beautiful girls and interpreter together is a big comfort. The ideal solution at trade fairs, business meetings in Poznan or Poland. Carefully selected hostesses and hosts, will welcome your guests, who visit your booth at the fair. Our staff will provide the necessary information and provide them with relevant information and promotional materials, if necessary, using a thorough knowledge of foreign languages. Also will ensure order in the booth, and thirsty guests bring something to drink. During the conference, or training, with full commitment, they ensure the smooth functioning of the organizing office, will focus on registration and informational support for the participants.


Hostesses for banquets, events, VIP party

During the banquet, the formal meeting, closed or exclusive events presentation - our hostess, thanks to his charm and presence - make the guests feel very exceptional, right at the entrance to your event, the venue will become an additional charm. Concerts, festivals, previews film screenings is the perfect place for beautiful girls. Our hostesses and models, cause that, organized Event, will be even more attractive



models for photo sessions (art and advertising) on our website you will find interesting, distinctive faces to ads, models (male and female) for fashion shows and advertisements on television. We will help in organizing fashion shows, to recommend suitable persons who can work as a photomodel in promotional and advertising campaigns, models for hair shows, the advertising photography, catalogs, brochures, posters and calendars.


Hostesses - bartenders

If you have no idea how to enhance trade fairs, corporate event, stag party or a wedding, you will be happy to assist you. Barman show, we propose to remain long in memory. We offer a real bartenders! Do not hesitate - Give your guests and yourself an additional attraction in the form of delicious wines, prepared by professional bartenders! We offer experienced men and women who are able to prepare basic drinks and also professional bartenders who specifically the Company shall prepare a list of drinks, as well as the program shows. When designing your exhibition stand, we'll give you tips on how to look like a bar and kitchen facilities (dimensions, what equipment is to become, etc)


Hostesses - promotion










Latest Projects


Targi ITM 2023 - hostessy i tłumaczki
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Hostessy na targach Instalacje Securex Sawo 2022
Za nami targi INSTALACJE - SECUREX - SAWO 2022. Na targi, które zazwyczaj odbywają ...


Agencja hostess z Poznania podczas targów Instalacje 2018
W terminie 23-26.04.2018 odbywały się targi Instalacje 2018, Sawo oraz Securex po...

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