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  • Whom We Are Looking For ?
  • We are looking for attractive women and men, but also people with good command of foreign language. The work would take place at the Poznań International Fair (PIF), banquettes and promotions. You would work as hostesses, models and photo models (male and female), interpreters, barmaids, bartenders. It is recommended to live in Poznan or in the suburbs as we do not provide accommodation. Our company is also looking for foreigners living in Poznań with good Polish.
    To promote your candidature in our service to our clients, first we have to find out much useful and interesting information about you and to know how you look, then we can create attractive profile of you in our web service.
    To enable to do it, fill in Online application form and send us your photos.
    Only applications with pictures attached will be taken into consideration. As your application is accepted, we will contact you and make an appointment.

    Pentagos is also looking for artistic groups, photographs and make-up artists., choreographs, others ( offered kinds of jobs below)

  • Application form
  • To begin the application process, we need you to complete the on-line application form, which you can find on our website , after clicking on home page "candidates casting".
    All candidates must complete the form is in polish language, which is obligatory. People with fluent English should also answer all the questions in English. There are additional columns for that. While filling in the form. we advise you to use full sentences, to write in an interesting way to make your profile more attractive for our customers. It is also highly recommended to give many details regarding your education, job experience, foreign languages, personality and character. A good written offer can increase your chance to get a job, especially if you are interested in work as an interpreter or a hostess. The more you advertise yourself, the better.

  • Pictures
  • Apart from application form we ask you to send us digital pictures. Our e-mail : and

    Pictures should show your body and face at close quarters. It would be good if they were taken in a well-lighted place, the best would be outside during the day with sunlight's ( It may be taken in the forest, park, with a nice building in the background etc.) with you wearing different clothes.
    We want to show your natural appearance. The pictures do not have to be professional ( of course it would be appreciated if they were ), those can be the pictures taken by your friends , during holiday, parties , etc. It would be better as it would show you as you really are.

    You should send us minimum 15 - 20 pictures or more, with a resolution of at least 1200 pixels high, preferably in jpg, but can be also other types. Some of you can wonder, why we need so many pictures. Answer is: one picture doesn't make your offer interesting, if there are many pictures, then your offer is more attractive and reliable. Realize that many pictures are unacceptable to put on our website (wrong size, poor quality, sepia colour, uninteresting shot)

    Examples of good pictures (view)

    What kind of pictures we DON'T expect?

    Please avoid sepia or black and white colours, ID pictures, scanned pictures, pictures taken by the mobile phones, which are either too blurred, or dithered, or with a perspective distortion

    Examples of bad pictures (view)

  • Meeting with us
  • As your candidacy fulfils our expectation, we will contact you and make an appointment with you to make short conversation, sometimes also to make some photos.

  • Offered kind of job:
  • Interpreter ( conference, international fair, business meeting )
    hostess (trade fair , conference, events )
    Hostess - Interpreter
    hostess - banquet
    hostess ( dance and companies events, parties)
    hostess for promotion in shopping centers
    hostess for promotion at events ( club, disco, pub)
    distributing leaflets in Poznan fair, in shopping centers
    fashion model (male and female model) / fashion shows
    model / photo session / shots / photo modeling
    photo topless
    photographs in one's underwear
    calendars, newspapers, magazines, catalogues
    female nude, pose for a nude
    TV shows, advert / advertisement / commercials
    television programmes
    Make-up artist
    acting as a master of ceremonies

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