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Every customer has free access to the entire gallery, you may browse all our people, and read all the information about hobbies, education, foreign languages​​, view pictures and video presentations available. Anyone can also check the availability of staff and use the advanced search engine.
Using the shopping cart icon next to each person in the main gallery (green bookmark) you can add the person to your favorites. The persons will appear on the orange bookmark "shopping cart - my favorites" pending for verification of availability and pricing.

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If you want to know the prices for the work of individual people need a username and password. If you still do not have the required login and password, please contact us or use the registration form.
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If you already have a login and password that you use the cart option, which allows you to add some people to the folder your cart. Because customers often do not have time to browse the full list of candidates. After reviewing our guidelines, your consultant will put in the basket according to your individual preferences - proposals will contain the price. To find the offer that to you we should go on the "Shopping Cart My favorite"How to search

Search option will appear when you click with this function you can find people with the appropriate part number, name, age, height, hair color, sex. If you are looking for people with language skills appropriate to select the appropriate language from the column and select one of four levels of language-from the column next to it. To select the appropriate language level, please refer to the legend, the levels of foreign language. For people who work as hostesses, translators must choose the level of intermediate.

poor command of a language - basic sentences (questions, honorifics,greetings), problems understanding the language
building more complex than basic sentences, able to understand and communicate on a number of everyday topics
fluent conversation, good understanding and familiarity with the language. The person has no problems understanding written texts, such as articles from newspapers and magazines (comparable with English FCE and German Mittelstufe) - sufficient skills for doing uncomplicated interpreting, phone-calls, casual business talks, communicating with foreigners
fluent and proficient, very good command of the language enabling the person to read literature, newspapers, watch TV and listen to the radio in the given language (comparable with English CAE, in some cases CPE). The person has a wide range of vocabulary on an unlimited number of topics and very advanced general knowledge of the language. The group comprises students majoring in languages and philology graduates, as well as native speakers studying or graduated.

When you search, you can also use the search option any phrase or word. You can enter such character or trait of interest.
By clicking the button  you have the opportunity to search for people according to the preferred forms of work (hostess, translator, model).

By clicking the button  you will see information about: college / school, department, direction, year of study


When viewing the gallery you can sort by columns:

    * catalog number
    * first name
    * growth
    * bust
    * age
    * sex
    *  hair color

Sorting options are reset (canceled) by clicking 

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Age: 25
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Agro Show Bednary 2023

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Age: 27
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Agro Show Bednary 2023

Reserved 29.06.2023


Age: 21
Catalog Number: 1392
Agro Show Bednary 2023

Reserved 6.12.2022


Age: 39
Catalog Number: 1222
BUDMA 2023

Reserved 29.11.2022


Age: 31
Catalog Number: 1266
BUDMA 2023

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