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decorative sandwiches, canapés, finger foods, meat balls are a standard part of almost every business meeting. An excellent ...
buns, donuts, traditional Poznan croissants stuffed with poppy seeds and fragrant cake is a great addition to coffee and tea. We offer a wide selection ...
Best Polish beer on tap. We offer rental of various types of pumps for beer. We have a small pump, which does not ...
from 1 June 2011 introduced a set of low-priced main dish plus soup or without soup with delivery ...
Soups will deliver a special electrically heated thermos. Is possible to heat the dishes on the spot. Experience the captivating aroma of our food.

is a Japanese dish consisting of cooked vinegared rice which is commonly topped with other ingredients, such as fish or ...

are prepared in the traditional way. We use only fresh natural ingredients. Lunch is available in thermal containers to the workplace. ...
"result_box" style="font-size: small;" lang="en">Creating our meals preposals, we haven't forgot about vegetarians. We guarantee ...
We recommend pizzas straight from the stove cooked from natural ingredients. Pizza in two sizes 32 cm and 40 cm.We don't spare on the mulch.
healthy and tasty composition of fresh vagetables and fruits for summer, Rise and Nudles for winter make surprise for your clients. ...
Always warm, served in elegant thermos for your booth, to the office, the conference will provide you the convenience and time saving. For this tasty ...
delicious appetizers, which emphasize each meeting. Suggestion for those who appreciate elegance. Carefully cut and arranged on metal platters snacks, ...
wines and champagnes, which we recommend for banquet service. Red or white wine usually served at business meetings. A wider selection of the most ...
even the best dish may not encourage visitors if it is the ugly plates:) Use the white porcelain plates necessarily, tea and coffee give ...
If you want to upgrade the meeting rather, we do not recommend plastic cutlery. Sign necessarily shiny metal cutlery. Good-looking knives ...
if you do not have time to wash dishes and do not want to hire additional personnel during the event - we have solution. Plastic kitchen utensils, ...
Our group of bartenders working since 2003 in the meantime we had the opportunity to organize many events, parties, ...

Tables are an indispensable part of any party, banquet or event. We have a wide selection of tables, which differ in size and shape.

Święta Bożego Narodzenia kojarzą się z tradycyjnymi potrawami. Dlatego, warto już teraz zaplanować spotkanie świąteczne z pracownikami i kontrahentami. Zapraszamy do ...



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regular Sandwiche small SZKOŁA

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beef tartare

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Campagnola - salami, papryka, cebula

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assorted open sandwiches EXLUSIVE (

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small meatballs - Keftedes

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fine cheeses with grapes and walnuts

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fine cheeses with grapes and walnuts

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assorted decorated sandwiches CLASSIC

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small meatballs - Keftedes

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