Stand Security

We have been providing security services for exhibitors at the Poznań International Fairs since 1993. During fairs we employ trusted and experienced personnel. You can be sure that our staff are responsible enough to take on the tasks entrusted to them, and also have a high level of interpersonal skills. When you come to us you can be sure of getting security staff who will not only perform their duties conscientiously, but will also be supervised and assessed. In the many years during which we have provided these services we have worked with a great number of firms, many of which have become regular clients. We hope that you will also decide to take advantage of our services.

Security services:

Our security staff will guard your stand during the nights preceding the official opening of the exhibition (during the setting-up period, because of the final work which needs to be done to the hall and stands, the halls are open throughout the night or are officially closed only between midnight and 6 am), during the fair (we provide security from 5 pm, when the fair closes to visitors, until the sealing of the hall possibly as late as 8.00 pm, and also from the opening time between 7 and 7.30 am until the exhibitor arrives), and if necessary during the nights after the fair, when the stands are being packed up - this is a particularly dangerous time, with a great deal of activity and traffic on the fair site, providing many opportunities for would-be thieves. At this time opening and closing of the halls is as in the case of the initial setting-up period. We would like to point out that during the nights preceding the start of a fair, during setting up, the halls stay open until very late, and just before the start of the fair may remain open the whole night.  

The fair organizers do not accept responsibility for loses suffered during the times when the halls are open (see the rules for exhibitors at The same applies after the end of the fair, when the stands are being packed up.

Agreement with the fair organizers:

Permission to provide cleaning and security services on the fair site We would like to make clear that providers of these services do not require permission from the fair organizers (PIF - MTP). Exhibiting organizations are entitled to employ whichever individuals and subcontracting firms they wish. Of course you may hear, inaccurately, that you are obliged to employ a firm which has an agreement with the fair organizers or to use PIF's in-house services, but this is not the case. You are not obliged to order services, which cost significantly more. When you take on extra staff using our firm as an intermediary, no extra permission is required from anyone. PIF - Poznan International Fair MTP - Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie



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