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Accommodation Euro 2012 Poznan

We guarantee the best apartment,flat, hostel and accomnodation base. Rent flat for Euro 2012 in Poland. Best accommodation in private flat. UEFA CUP EURO 2012 - POZNAN, cheap accommodation. Rent a cheap flat or room for Euro 2012 in Poznan - the best location - attractive price. GUEST HOUSE POZNAN - apartament B&B  - Cheap budget accommodation Poznan center, bed & breakfast Poznan center, cheap hotels, apartment B&B Poznan.

Description of Service

Our service allows you to find the best accommodation in Poznan, and immediately you see the price.
For many years we have acted as intermediaries for those wishing to rent attractive houses, apartments and guest rooms in Poznan. We reserve for you rooms in hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes. We provide a high standard of accommodation and pleasant service. The vast majority of our customers are firms arriving for the Poznan International Fairs, but we also serve those visiting Poznan on other business or for pleasure. All people travelling to Poznań are warmly invited to see what we have to offer for every budget.

All of our recommended accommodations are  checked out personally, ensuring that hosts' services and behaviour towards guests come up to the highest standards - we accept only the best. We also take into consideration the setting of the building and the appearance of the neighbourhood.

Our houses and flats are well maintained and looked-after, and are equipped with radio, television and a full range of kitchen equipment. Guests have access to balconies and patios. Hosts provide clean bedclothes, towels and soap, and are responsible for cleaning. Parking depends on the site. Internet access is available at some lodgings.

Why use accommodation in private houses and apartments

Houses and apartments are neat, well maintained and equipped with radio, TV and full kitchen facilities, you can benefit from balconies and terraces. The hosts provide fresh linen, towels, soap and cleaning. Parking depends on the premises. For many of our houses in Poznan is the possibility of using the Internet. Parking on the property for free, some hosts make available to the garage for free or for a small fee, especially important if you have an expensive car.

Seclusion of our houses and flats makes you you feel relaxed. You will not feel strange and impersonal as in big hotels. Homemade lunches and dinners highlight the unusual atmosphere, and prices of meals prepared by our hosts will cost less than in hotel restaurant (ca. 50 %) . We will guide also you, where  there are inexpensive restaurants, pubs, shops.

Consider whether is worth to pay high prices for small hotel rooms?  If the hotels are cheap is or are situated outside the city, then you need an hour or more, to get there. Cheap hotels offers  often small rooms and low standard, so better to rent for the same price apartment with bathroom and kitchen, or whole house by bigger groups.

Our office has in offer comfortable spacious accommodations, and fully furnished flats and houses, modern apartments with 1, 2, 3 bedroom located in the center of Poznan, near the Old Market, International Fair and the Railway Station and in other parts of the city. The apartments are furnished solely for the purpose of tourism rentals.  They are available such as hotels all year round.

Low cost houses, flats, apartments in Poznan - provide a homely atmosphere, full independence, greater space, and it is all cheaper than  hotel in Poznań. Poznan hotels due to high fixed costs are very expensive, so more and more companies pay attention to the affordable homes. Clients choose staying in cantonments, which does not deviate from the standard hotels.

Location of our accommodation

We offer you accommodation in Poznan in residential neighborhoods, mostly in the western city of Poznan, by Bukowska street near the fairgrounds.  Bukowska street leads from the west of Poznan, where there is the airport ,,Ławica'' . We habe also offers nearby  Grunwaldzka and Dabrowskiego streets.

Our quarters are located at an average distance of 3 - 5 km from the fairgrounds. Route does not cross the center - which avoids the unpleasant stuck in traffic.  The average travel time by car from the accommodation to the MTP is 15 minutes by taxi about 20 PLN, to all quarters can be reached by public transport. We also offer accommodation in flats and apartments in the blocks and buildings, closer to the fair and the center - a good solution for guests who like to go out at night on the town. We also have attractive prices for rooms in boarding houses and  hotels.

Accommodation costs


Prices stay in private homes are definitely competitive hotel prices, and the standard in many cases higher. The cost of stay per person, during the fair,  in some of our houses, can amount even on the average from 70 to 100 PLN gross. Accommodation for workers on the team very long periods such as several weeks, we can measure the individual homes within 50 - 60 PLN gross per person per night over a longer periods - can be negotiated by the two sides. Then, after receiving your request, execute an accurate estimate - please call or email.

Meals and costs

Experience has taught us that many guests appreciate the home cooking is why we offer the possibility to order breakfasts and dinners. It is worth noting that the preparation of meals do not earn, we do to improve the quality of services and umilenia your stay.

Menu can be determined in each case with the host - is not an imposition. On special request we can organize a barbecue in the garden. Meals are mostly available in in  houses. Stay in flat, apartments in block doesn't offer possibility to eat.  But always nearby are restaurants, cafes and bars, which we  indicate you in the description.

Breakfast at quarters - 20 - 40 - PLN gross

Dinner - 25 - 30 PLN gross

Prices are subject to change! Of course, the board will get you an invoice which can be deducted from income tax.


All the apartments for personal check to prepare for the hotel services and a culture of personal hosts - we work with only the best. We also take into account the home environment and appearance of the neighborhood.

Houses and apartments are neat, well maintained and equipped with radio, TV and full kitchen facilities, you can benefit from balconies and terraces. The hosts provide fresh linen, towels, soap and cleaning. Parking depends on the premises. In some homes it is possible to make use of INTERNET.

The most important criterion for assessing the accommodation, we are your opinions, for which we ask at the end of your stay.

Booking accommodation - the order and confirmation services - payment - collection of the keys


range of services: mediation in the organization of accommodation in Poznan and its vicinity to the private accommodation, in flats, houses, apartments, reservation of hotel rooms and book rooms in boarding houses, ordering meals during your stay

Check availability-the first step is to check the availability of beds in a period specified by the customer.

How to make a contract - we do not accept verbal reservations, each book must be acknowledged in writing by the date indicated by our office. In the case of companies is required by fax or scan the reservation form with the stamp and signature. In the case of individuals (natural persons) is sufficient confirmation email. At the tender must be on all the customer data with mobile contacts. Ready downloading a booking form from our website or will be prepared by our office.

Payment: bank transfer or cash, depending on individual arrangements. The amount of the advance determined individually at levels from 50% to 100% of the orders, customers,,''individuals must pay 100% of the amount.

Payment for extra meals and extra people - Principal - ie the hirer's premises via Pentagos - or our office - is also required to incur additional costs associated with the additional number of people who will benefit from this time, nights and pay fees for the preparation of ordered meals.

Financial responsibility in the event of damage done by the customer accommodations: for any damage, made the fault of the client may be grounds to charge him financially.

Cancellation of service: in case of resignation from the service before the commencement of the client loses the money paid a deposit, or part thereof established in the contract. In periods of increased traffic such as fairs, conferences large cancellation deadline is fixed in writing in the contract. If the customer has not paid the advance and the contract is fixed fees for the cancellation, the customer is obliged to regulate the deadline set. In case of cancellation

Check Accommodation: standard - check in from 14 - pure and check-out to 11 - pure, in most cases we try to go out and be in agreement with our office to change them in favor of the customer. The landlord has the right to identify himself at the time of check-in guests in order to verify your identity.

The booking confirmation and receipt of keys - upon receipt of your signed reservation form with a stamp, or if it agreed to an e-mail (individuals) in which you reserve accommodation, please find the answers you confirm your reservation (by fax or mail), where we give the exact address of the headquarters, name host name and telephone number. In this way you can keep up with the host to arrange the transfer of the property and collect the keys.

As is clear from the experience of arrival time changes often, especially when using the services of our company's issuing to the fair. Therefore, to facilitate cooperation in case of any temporary transfer for your arrival at the accommodation, please call the host or with us, for which we are very grateful. It is important to us, because the hosts do not have to needlessly waiting for you, and it's very easy collaboration.

Complaints: Any complaint must be sent via email or SMS, and in addition they are obliged to inform us by telephone at the breakdown. Complaints must be submitted during the service, because we have to be able to verify the claims in real time.Complaints filed after the service will not be accepted.

If you have any objections, please contact us immediately (do not wait until the last day of stay). All handicaps will be removed as soon as possible. Prospering our office and the budget for the hosts work with us depends on your satisfaction with our services and friendly atmosphere of our cooperation. Do we strive to achieve maximum benefit from one-off collaboration, but we want to win the regular customers.

Examples of complaints:

- No hot water

- Blocked drain

- Request removal rentals

- For small meals

- Host of bad behavior

- Other

In justified cases, it is possible to break the contract or change the premises.

We have to admit that there are negative comments we are very rare. We always try to present as accurately as possible in the offer of the house, giving as much information about it. All the places you can watch the photos made available by us.

All claims must be sent via email or SMS, and additionally they are obliged to inform us by telephone at the breakdown. Complaints must be submitted during the service, because we have to be able to verify the claims in real time. Complaints filed after the service will not be included

Our office is the company that is Pentagos not responsible for the disappearance of valuables are in rented accommodation.

Cooperation with new houses, flats, apartments, guesthouses and hotels


If you are interested in working with our office, please contact us. Welcome to the cooperation of both individuals belonging to other agencies - which already have experience - and those who would like to try.



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